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Techni-Tool Products Spring and Ball Plungers are devices that enclose a spring in a threaded capsule and provide a means for applying accurate and repeatable spring end forces through a ball or rounded pin. These plungers are essential components in thousands of applications.

Spring Plunger
with Internal Hexagon

These plungers combine positive, controlled spring pressure with a long-travel plunger. Used extensively in fixtures, dies and assemblies. Available in steel and stainless steel with hardened steel and nylon plungers. Available in inch and metric sizes.
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Spring Plunger
with Ball & Slot

Also known as Ball Plungers, this compact plunger is used in positioning, indexing and retention applications. The controlled and repeatable spring pressure ensures reliable and consistent operation. Available in steel, stainless steel and nylon bodies with stainless steel balls. Inch and metric sizes available.
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For 3 generations Techni-Tool Products has offered quality tooling components for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial applications. Family owned and operated, we take pride in the products and service we offer our loyal clients.
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Competitive Pricing

Our low overhead, volume quantity runs and years of close alliances with the finest manufacturers in the industry, allows Techni-Tool Products to offer superior pricing and short lead times.

Special Custom Components

Over the years the demand for the customizing of standard component parts has continued to grow. Send us your custom Spring Loaded Device requests for a quick and competitive quote.

Full Range of Spring Loaded Devices

From Spring Plungers including hex and slot drives, Ball Plungers, and Hand Retractable Plungers, we offer inch and metric thread sizes in a variety of material types. Spring Stops, Leveling Pads, and Toggle Pads complement our complete spring loaded devices product line.


  • Bodies made from steel and stainless steel
  • Balls and Plungers made from steel, stainless steel and nylon
  • Springs made from music wire and stainless steel wire
  • Light, Standard and Heavy spring loads available
  • Optional nylon locking element to lock body in place